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Tom Petersen


Boost energy and vitality

Manage stress

Improve sleep

Ease aches and discomforts

Aid digestive system

Soothe grief issues

Recover from injuries, accidents and surgeries faster

Relieve chronic neck and back pain, headaches and more.

how DOES it work?

Do I need to know how it works? To enjoy the benefits of electricity one does not need to know exactly how it works.

 We know when we plug our electrical appliances into the wall, or flip the light switch we will enjoy the effects of electricity. So too, you do not need to understand exactly how energy healing works in order to enjoy its beneficial effects.

The power we know as electricity existed for thousands of years before someone invented the light-bulb and a myriad of other ways to utilize that existing energy.

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years. Its use and application has become more widely understood in our culture today.

Much has been written about the “Mind/Body connection” but it goes much further than that.

We invite you to read-on and learn more if you like, however it is not necessary.

Watch a short video featuring Tom on preparing for an energetic session.

Energy Treatment Can
Reduce or Improve

emotional stress
chronic physical pain

Less contention/resistance
lowered opposition

Enhance your:
learning skills
self healing
immune system

concentration, quieting thoughts
balance the emotions
Clarity of thought
over-all well being
positive outlook

Counseling Available

Spiritual Counseling for those experiencing grief or loss and those who’ve experienced physical and emotional trauma.
Extremely beneficial for those that just want to cultivate more understanding themselves and those around them.




Family Counseling and more

Energy Impression

Intuitive Evaluation

Do you feel that something
may be wrong but you can’t
put your finger on what it might be?

Do you want another perspective on your body’s energy field?


Early Detection / Insight?

Have you ever said to yourself, “I feel a cold or sore throat coming on?” Prior to the condition being full-blown you have some subtle indications that the potential exists for that condition.

A person who is energy sensitive can identify similar patterns and give you feedback on what potential problems could develop and offer suggestions for restoring and rebalancing your system to avoid the eventual appearance of a full-blown condition.

Circumstances might be observed in your energy field prior to physical manifestation, or the condition being obvious or apparent. By evaluating your energy field certain patterns or disruptions may be apparent that would be indicative of potential difficulties.




“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed,
it can only be transformed.

What transpires, on the energetic level is reflected on the physical level and vice versa.

All forms maintain that form
by virtue of its temperature

What Can Energy Healing Do?

EFT, Energy And Distance Healing

Tom specializes in remote healing energy treatments. The sessions are just as effective as if you met with him for a session in person. There is no limitation when the healer is attuned to working with the energy.

He transmits the healing energy and is a conduit for energy and a catalyst in assisting people in their healing process. When you raise the energetic vibration of the body then it can do what it is designed to do. The cellular structure is designed to rebuild and recreate. Each person is the true healer for themselves. Our focus is to remove the disruptive energy or congestion of the flow.

When a trained energy-worker or healer focuses on healing their objective is to help balance your Energy, and through that balance and restoration, the natural process of Healing is accelerated.

Read Tom’s Background here:

For less than the cost of a tank of gas, or a night out, you can experience the effects for yourself.

Get an introductory session to experience the energy and evaluate for yourself.

Feel off? You can get an energetic read-out on what is going on in your energy field, right now!

What’s It Worth To Feel Great?

There are a number of good books that explain in detail how this energy medicine works and why it is effective.

Check out our suggested reading

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of an energy healing session, and experience it for yourself, you can click here to get started right away.

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A Baby Story

“Shortly after my baby was born ......the medical staff indicated she was having difficulty regulating and maintaining her body temperature, and they were reluctant to allow me to hold her. I was able to contact Tom and ask him for energetic healing and assistance with that issue. Within moments of his treatment, her temperature stabilized and I was able to maintain close contact with her during that important bonding time. Her body temperature has been fine ever since.”

         --  Brittany H.      

Read more testimonials here:


Tammy is a recent client who was referred to Focused Energy Healing by a friend. She was not familiar with energy healing so she decided to test it for herself. She ordered an energetic scan to see what kind of insight would be reflected. When she got the results she was convinced this was valid! She decided to proceed with energy treatments and purchased a package of five sessions.

Tammy says… “I’m telling everyone I know…to TRY THIS!!!”

Read more of her experience here:

Scientific research projects have studied the effect of distant healing on a numerous disease states, including heart disease, AIDS, cancer, bacterial infections and recovery from surgery. There is currently no consensus regarding which conditions are most responsive to distant healing, but a majority of the research indicates that distant healing, when used with other therapies, does enhance the healing process across a broad range of disease states.”                                                    Institute Of Noetic Science

Everything Vibrates with Energy. While we may not always be acutely aware of these energies, like the air we breathe, they are essential to life.

Just as the energies of wind, water and sunlight can be utilized for the good of mankind so too, these subtle energies can improve every facet of your life.

Ready to start feeling better? Book a Session NOW!


Watch a news story featuring Tom
discussing holistic therapies and his approach.

Have you wondered if you could benefit from energy balancing? Or the opinion of someone who is energy sensitive and can give you another observation, an unbiased impression of the current status of your energy field?

If you’d like to get an energetic evaluation you can click here to book a session.

You’ll get feedback detailing the information present in your current energy field.

Client Comments:

“I could go on for HOURS on how awesome I feel.”

“I seem to be much calmer.”

“I have more energy.” 

“I also have noticed I'm not hungry like I used to be.”

Energetic Assistance!

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